We continuously develop measures to reduce the impact of our processes, plants, and products on the environment. We are thus able to reduce our consumption of resources and energy and to minimize residual materials by continually thinking of cycles.

We of course also take into account waste, wastewater, and emissions in order to reduce our burden on our environment.

We focus on renewable energies and increasingly use wind and solar energy, as well as biogas, in addition to fossil fuels. In addition, our energy management has been ISO 50001-certified since 2012.

Heat / steam

We also rely on renewable energy for steam generation: 10% of our gas consumption can already be covered by self-produced sewage and biogas. Our in-house biogas plant does not use any energy crops, but instead only uses residual materials, for example from production.


We clean all our wastewater at the company’s own wastewater treatment plant and use the resulting sewage gas for steam production.
Not only is wastewater treatment important to us, but wastewater avoidance is as well. We are thus continuously reducing the amount of resulting wastewater, including through process optimization and technological adjustments.


Water is not only a part of our products, but also important for the production processes. That’s why when we make use of it, we make sure that we reduce our consumption per unit produced each year.


We have been using a detailed waste concept since 1985. Our focus is on the prevention and recycling of waste. For example, currently 85% of the various types of waste are recycled and fed to other cycles, such as the biogas plant.


Renewable energies set us apart: Currently 28% of our electricity consumption can be covered by our own photovoltaic and wind power plants. Through the measures of our energy management system, we are continuously reducing our electricity consumption per unit produced.


Our goal is to continuously reduce our emissions in order to make our contribution to protecting the climate. Our integrated energy management system helps us to reduce our energy consumption and thus reduce our CO2 -emissions.


All kinds of packaging protects our raw materials and products, but also creates waste. We therefore select variants with minimal packaging wherever possible for our products. In addition, we encourage our suppliers to use as little packaging material as possible.

Raw goods

The natural purity of our food is very important to us. For example, we produce organic jams and juices and use UTZ, Fairtrade, and Rainforest Alliance-certified ingredients.

That makes us

  • Best quality
  • Sustainability at all levels
  • Tailored products
  • Innovations