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Dessert products

Our dessert products are carefully processed, represent the best taste, and can be served hot or cold. The balance between fruit weight and sweetness gives the fruit sauces and the grützen a fruity-aromatic taste. All products undergo regular quality controls by independent institutes.

That special extra something for your dessert.

Dessert sauces

Fruity variations such as cherry, raspberry, strawberry, and mango passion fruit or special flavors such as chocolate or creamy-milky vanilla refine your desserts.


Grützen are classic sweets of German and Scandinavian cuisine. To produce fruit grützen, fruits are mixed with water, sugars, and thickening agents and heated. Fruit grützen taste sweet and sour and have a thick consistency with a significant amount of lumpy fruit.


We produce preserves filled in jars and soft packaging. The raw ingredient is seasonally sourced and harvested.


Fruit - Preserves

Applesauce - Our applesauce is made from fresh, ripe, and healthy apples. The carefully harvested apples are washed, steamed, strained, and finally sweetened.

Tomato passata

The Passata is made from sun-ripened Italian tomatoes, which were freshly processed directly after harvest, with the addition of salt and an edible acid. With its fruity taste, it is the ideal base for Italian cuisine.

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